One of the pre-requirements for the approval of a biocidal active substance or product is that the efficacy claimed against the relevant target organisms is adequately demonstrated. The variety of indications and application methods for biocides means that the appropriate efficacy studies must be specifically selected.

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With our extensive experience in the fields of disinfectants, pesticides (insecticides, rodenticides, repellents) and protectants (wood preservatives, in-can preservatives and protectants for, among other things, masonry and textiles), we can  design the most effective testing strategy for each biocidal product in both the laboratory and field. Moreover, we can recommend laboratories for testing efficacy, and can take on the study monitoring.

An additional, increasingly important aspect, is estimating the risk of resistance development, particularly to rodenticides, and the demonstration of measures to reduce the risk.

Our services with regard to biocidal efficacy

  • Development of product type-specific test strategies for testing efficacy
  • Management and monitoring of efficacy studies
  • Evaluation and summary of study data
  • Report- writing and dossier compilation in IUCLID 6
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